Bee Gees - Wine and Women

“Wine and women and song will only make me sad
Love and kisses and hugs, the things I never had
If this should end, I don’t mind
If this should end, I will find
What shall I do (what shall I do)
What shall I do (what shall I do)

Bee Gees - And the Children Laughing

Well, I been working up a fever trying to
Straighten up the mess in my mind about this place
I can’t contain myself anymore
Can’t you see it’s written all over my face
Why don’t you get on your feet
It’s about time you got to think
What ever happened to peace
Well open your eyes and [...]

Bee Gees - Could It Be

“Look at me, I don’t know what I’m doin’
ever since I looked at you
How did I get this crazy feelin’
Could it be, I’m in love with you
Ever since I saw you in the moonlight
I’ve had this feeling through and through
Since that time, I haven’t done a thing right
Could it be, I’m in love with you
Golly [...]

Bee Gees - Claustrophobia

“I’d like to be the one to see your loving mind at the start
But I get claustrophobia ’cause there’s too many boys in your heart
I’d like to know how far you’d go to use those lips of wine
But I get claustrophobia ’cause there’s too many boys on your mind

Bee Gees - Timber!

“When I first saw you standing there, you set my heart a-reeling
Baby, you gave me such a feeling
My heart cries timber, timber, timber, timber
Timber baby ’cause I’m a a-fallin’ for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Bee Gees - To Be or Not to Be

“You build me up, you let me down
How can I love, you give me no ground
To be or not to be, to be or not to be
Am I gonna have you for me?

Bee Gees - How Love Was True

“Ooh. love was true yesterday
I love you ev’ry way
I saw you standing there
You gave me cause to stare
And then I knew , I had to have you
You could be mine if you tried
All that you do is tell me lies
You think that love’s a game
But I don’t feel the same
I should have known that I’ll [...]

Zucchero - You Are So Beautiful

“You are so beautiful
To me
You are so beautiful
To me
Can’t you see
You’re everything I hoped for
You’re everything I need
You are so beautiful
To me

Bee Gees - I Don’t Think It’s Funny

“You get your pleasures out of hurting me, honey
You get your kicks out of watching me cry
You play around an awful lot to hurt me, honey
Why do you laugh when there are tears in my eyes

Wet wet wet - Home Tonight

“If this is paradise
Then I don’t recognise,
That subtle look that’s in your eyes.
And in the distance now
I hear your whispers, love,
And see my dreams go fading by, by.
Take me away from this moment,
I wanna shut the door,
And I’m not taking anymore,
It’s me they want to give away, ooh.
I don’t want to know,
I don’t want go [...]

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