Zucchero - Scintille

“Scende giù la neve
Guarda come viene
Sto pensando a te
E tutto intorno a me
Vedo scintille.
Stelle più di mille
Cadono a colori
Come figli e sogni
Fanno arcobaleni
E poi scintille.

Bruce Springsteen - Kingdom of Days (текст)

“With you I don’t hear the minutes ticking by
I don’t feel the hours as they fly
I don’t see the summer as it wanes
Just a subtle change of light upon your face

Bruce Springsteen - Life Itself (текст)

“We met down in the valley where the wine of love and destruction flowed
There in that curve of darkness where the flowers of temptation grow
I left the rest for the others it was you and nothing else
You felt so good to me baby, good as life itself
You were life itself, [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Tomorrow Never Knows (текст)

“Where the cold wind blows
Tomorrow never knows
Where your sweet smile goes
Tomorrow never knows
You and me, we been standing here my dear
Waiting for our time to come
Where the green grass grows
Tomorrow never knows
In the field your long hair flowed
Down by the Tildenberry tracks
There ‘neath the water tower
I carried you on my [...]

Zucchero - Il volo / Полет

“Ho camminato per le strade
col sole dei tuoi occhi
ci vuole un attimo per dirsi addio…spara
Che bella quiete sulle cime
mi freddi il cuore e l’anima
ci vuole un attimo x dirsi addio…
X questo troppo amore, per noi
e questo bel dolore
Ti prego no, ti prego lo sai!

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