Bruce Springsteen - Long Walk Home (текст)


“Last night I stood at your doorstep
Trying to figure out what went wrong
You just slipped somethin’ into my palm
Then you were gone
I could smell the same deep green of summer
Above me the same night sky was glowin’
In the distance I could see the town where I was born

Bruce Springsteen - Last to Die (текст)


“We took the highway till the road went black
We’d marked, Truth or Consequences on our map
A voice drifted up from the radio
And I thought of a voice from long ago

Bruce Springsteen - Magic (текст)

“I got a coin in my palm
I can make it disappear
I got a card up my sleeve
Name it and I’ll pull it out your ear
I got a rabbit in my hat
If you want to come and see
This is what will be, this is what will be

Bruce Springsteen - I’ll Work for Your Love (текст)

“Pour me a drink Theresa
In one of those glasses you dust off
And I’ll watch the bones in your back
Like the stations of the cross

Bruce Springsteen - Gypsy Biker (текст)

“The speculators made their money
On the blood you shed
Your Mama’s pulled the sheets up off your bed
The profiteers on Jane Street
Sold your shoes and clothes
Ain’t nobody talking ’cause everybody knows
We pulled your cycle out of the garage
And polished up the chrome
Our Gypsy biker’s comin’ home

Zucchero - Ahum

“I’ve got something to tell you
About my heart,
That you hold… ahum
If your down well there’s someone there… ah ah
Don’t you know… ahum

Zucchero - Ali d’oro / Золотые крылья

“I lay down
With an angel
I lay down
With an angel
‘cause she treat me kind sometimes
Vieni in me
Portami via
Ali d’oro
Vieni in me
Fammi volare
Mio cielo

Zucchero - Porca l’oca

“Porca l’oca
C’ho la pelle d’oca
Guarda come dondolo
Se passi di qua
Ragazza pagana
Anche questa sera
Ti sei fatta un d.j.
Ye eh….. oh ye ye…..

Zucchero - Music In Me

“I’ve got the music in me………………..
Long is the night Jack
Where is my baby
Long is the night Jack
Get hot with my baby

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