Bruce Springsteen - Your Own Worst Enemy (текст)

“You can’t sleep at night
You can’t dream your dream
Your fingerprints on file
Left clumsily at the scene
Your own worst enemy has come to town
Your own worst enemy has come to town
Yesterday the people were at ease
Baby you slept in peace
You closed your eyes and saw her
You knew who you were
And your [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Livin’ in the Future (текст)

“A letter come blowin’ in on an ill wind
Somethin’ ’bout me and you
Never seein’ one another again
Yeah, well I knew it’d come
Still I was struck deaf and dumb
Like when we kissed, that taste of blood on your tongue

Bruce Springsteen - You’ll Be Comin’ Down (текст)

“White roses and misty blue eyes
Red mornings, then nothin’ but gray skies
A cup of coffee, a heart shot clean through
The jacket you bought me gone daisy gray-blue
You’re smiling now but you’ll find out
They’ll use you up and spit you out now
Your head’s spinnin’ in diamonds and clouds
But pretty soon it [...]

Bruce Springsteen - O Mary Don’t You Weep (текст)

“Well if I could I surely would
Stand on the rock where Moses stood
Pharaoh’s army got drownded
O Mary don’t you weep

Zucchero - Il mare impetuoso al tramonto sali sulla Luna e dietro una tendina di stelle…

“Voglio vederti ballare
senza tabù
un ballo da strappamutande
fallo di più
come on sister
è un volo proibito
amore e sesso, sesso, sesso
sono un assetato
xché tu sei l’acqua, l’acqua del peccato!

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