Bee Gees - Red Chair, Fade Away

“Red chair fade away
Bring back memories
Think of something nice
Fragrant lemon trees

Wet wet wet - Weightless

“It’s the firing line again
And I’m waiting in the blind fold
Every feeling has been erased
And I’m floating on the wind of despair
There’s a fine line between us
Like a mountain and a land slide
I’m way up in the clouds
And I’m never coming down

Wet wet wet - Thru’ The Night

“Can you tell me
Is there anybody out there
To hear me
I just want
Someone who can listen to me
Just like you

Wet wet wet - Run

“How do you sleep at night
When you’re as cold as ice
How do you see the world
Is it all in black and white

Bee Gees - Holiday

“Ooh you`re a holiday, such a holiday
Ooh you`re a holiday, such a holiday
It`s something I think is worthwhile
If the puppet makes you smile
If not then you`re throwing stones
Throwing stones, throwing stones

Wet wet wet - It Hurts

“Take your time
Take it easy
Keep my little promise
In your mind
Making out
Make it easy
For all the broken pieces
Of my heart
A love like this I wasn’t looking for
I’ve never known a girl like you before
Lonely nights
Soft soap story
Playing in the bedroom
Of your mind
Acting up
I tried to make it happen
Just another extra
In your life

Wet wet wet - If I Never See You Again

“The morning light comes stealing
To start a new day
Out there the world is waiting
To take us far away
And it’s time to make
The final break
But the memory will linger forever

Bee Gees - Turn of the Century

“Everythings Happening
At The Turn Of The Cent’ry
I’m Gonna Buy Myself A Time Machine
Go To The Turn Of The Century
And All Those People Passing By
And The Town Crier Makes His Cry
At The Turn Of The Century,
Turn Of The Century

Bee Gees - Glass House

“Glass house, that once was mine, the sun will
shine in on me You, change your mind, you weren’t
the kind to live on me I remember yesterday, turn
my tears to laugher Then you left and like a
stray, I came running after

Bee Gees - Born a Man

“When I was just a little boy, when I didnt know
My daddy put me n his knee and showed me the way to go
He said a woman will do her best to make a fool out of you
So be a man and stand the test and see what you can [...]

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