Zucchero - Dune mosse / Moved dunes / Движущиеся дюны

“Un viaggio in fondo ai tuoi occhi
“dai d’illusi smammai”
Un viaggio in fondo ai tuoi occhi solcherò
Dune Mosse.
Don’t cry però
colammo giù
E miseri
guardammo il blu.

Zucchero - Into the groove

“We’re the dukes of rhythm
we’re the monks of move
take that journey with them
falling into the groove
Here’s the last reminder
of the bygone days
music power
in the early hours
and jazz is still the rate.”
Zucchero - Into the groove (solo su CD) - 0:23
Album: Blue’s (1987)

Bruce Springsteen - Galveston Bay (текст)

“Fifteen years Le Bing Son
Fought side by side with the Americans
In the mountains and deltas of Vietnam
In ‘75 Saigon fell
and he left his command
And brought his family to the promised land

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