Richard Durand - Asways the sun / Солнце всегда

“Your darkness grows
In fields of loneliness
Every breath
As cold as ice
Where lies are true painted black
Searching for some light to lead you back

Boney M - Young, Free And Single

“Radio Speaker: (NOT on album version)
Welcome to the radio show: Young, Free And Single!
We got a good show lined up for you, let’s have our first caller:
Hey, Jane’s my name and love’s my game,
I just turned eighteen yesterday.
I’m blond, I’m tall, I’m full of fun,
Give me a call and I’ll [...]

Boney M - The Alibama

“Proud in the morning sun
Day has just begun
She’s a queen riding on the waves
So many miles away
Sailing many a day
Brave in dark storms and hurricanes

Boney M - Dizzy

“D - I - Z - Z - Y
D - I - Z - Z - Y
You make me dizzy
D - I - Z - Z - Y
D - I - Z - Z - Y
You make me dizzy
D - I - Z - Z - Y

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