Boney M - Bel Ami

“He’s a Casanova (Yeah yeah what’d I say?)
He’s a busy lover (Yeah yeah what’d I say?)
Everybody’s trying to tell me
That I’m wasting time away
Too cool for one woman (Yeah yeah what’d I say?)
My Bel Ami - I’m born to be with you
My Bel Ami - I don’t care what you do
My Bel Ami - Whenever [...]

Boney M - 10000 Lightyears

“10.000 Lightyears somewhere out in space
They practice love and they know what it takes
No competition and no jealousy
Living in freedom and humanity

Boney M - Where Did You Go

“I’m looking out the window pane
And I hear the sound of pouring rain
But you’re not here
Where did you go
I wanna know what made you go away
What went wrong?

Boney M - Future World

“I know a place we all can go
Don’t wanna live here anymore
I see a planet slowly die
And I get tired of wondering why

Boney M - Wild Planet

This is the voice of the wild planet
Be prepared to leave your world behind
Soon we’re coming to take you with us
Don’t be afraid of something you do not understand
Everything is organised perfectly
We guarantee freedom, peace and health for all eternity

Boney M - Exodus (Noah`s Ark Album: 2001)

“Get on board our Silver Sun
This is Noah’s Arc
In the year 2001
Up in heaven’s park.

Boney M - Children Of Paradise

“We are Children of Paradise
When the Lord created us
All his work was through
Then the Children of Paradise
Did the only thing
They really shouldn’t do

Boney M - Somewhere In The World

“Time, changer of seasons, time will see another flower growing.
Climb over the mountains, there you’ll find warm winds blowing.
Somewhere in the world there is peace of mind.
Somewhere in the world that’s what I must find.
Somewhere in the world there’s a place for me in this world.

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