Boney M - Time To Remember

“I try so very hard not to cry
I kept hanging ’round to forget all the good things we both used to do
Time to remember the nights without you
No, no, no one can take your place how I know
I, I missed your embrace time
A prisoner of love waiting for you, it’s [...]

Boney M - I See A Boat On The River

“He left on a boat
Just to follow a dream
He had to find.
You can`t hold a man
When he follows a dream
That`s on his mind.

Boney M - Darkness Is Falling

“When darkness is falling and shadows grow long
It’s time for the children to sing this old song
It tells of the coming of wonders untold
Forgotten is winter, its fury and cold,
hi-ho, hi-ho, we’ll soon see the candles glow
hi-ho, hi-ho, we’ll soon see the candles glow

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