Al Bano & Romina Power - Se ti raccontassi / Если тебе рассказала бы

“E se ti raccontassi
cio che ho nella mia mente
e se io ti dicessi
cio che penso veramente
allora ti odierei, no non ti amerei,
non lo rifarei insieme a te.
E tu guardandomi, stringendomi cosм
e giorno dopo giorno incatenandomi a te.
E tu parlandomi, amandomi cosм
e giorno dopo giorno io mi arrendo a te.
Se ti raccontassi
di come non ti sento
e [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Storm

“A timeless and forgotten place,
The moon and sun in endless chase
Each in quiet surrender
As the other reigns the sky…
The midnight hour begins to laugh
A summer evening’s epitaph,
The winds are getting crazy
As the storm begins to rise…
Wild were the winds that came
In the thunder and the rain
Nothing ever could contain
The rising [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Hanging Tree

“There have been many tales
Tainted by truth twisted by time…
Some choose to forget
Yet it still
Weaves webs in their minds…
And it seems like she’s been here forever
Her branches as black as the seas
She’s been through it all
By the luck of the draw
She became the old hanging tree…
She asked for nothing
Except maybe
A [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Fires at Midnight

“I stood out here once before
With my head held in my hands
For all that I had known of this place
I could never understand…
On the hills the fires burned at midnight
Superstition plagued the air
Sparks fly as the fires burn at midnight
The stars are out and magic is here…
I wished on the [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Crowning of the King

“Down in the village streets
The air is full of wonder
Fair smiles greet
The crowning of the king…
Come hither, gather round
A joyous time’s upon us
Trumpets sound
The crowning of the king…
Fast away the olde
Time too quickly passes
Shine the light of new
For the crowing of the king…
Come forth those who wish
For change and change [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Home Again

“I’ve been many places
I’ve traveled ’round the world
Always on the search for something new
But what does it matter
When all the roads I’ve crossed
Always seem to return to you…
Old familiar faces
Everyone you meet
Following the ways of the land
Cobblestones and lanterns
Lining every street
Calling me to come home again
Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in [...]

Blackmore’s Night - I Still Remember

“I thought of you the other day
How worlds of change led us astray
Colors seem to fade to gray
In the wake of yesterday…
You looked into my eyes
You had me hypnotized
And I still remember you
I had a dream of you and I
A thousand stars lit up the sky
I touched your hand and [...]

Blackmore’s Night - The Times They Are a Changin’ (Written by Bob Dylan)

“Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Written in the Stars

“Once written in the stars
A pathway set in stone
A candle in the night
To guide your way back home
Then somewhere in your memory … Calling from afar …
It’s daring you to see what it is that’s written in the stars…
You said that you would stay
And that you’d never leave
I gave you [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Self Portrait (Rainbow cover)

“Paint me a picture and hang it on the wall
Color it darkly, the lines will start to crawl
Spin me around and around…
Draw me away to the night from the day, leave not a trace to be found…
Nothing is real but the way that I feel and I feel like going [...]

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